Science Week 2019
Science Week 2019 will focus on climate action, seeking to help people understand climate change, how science and technology can help us create a positive climate future and the impact we as individuals can have on climate change. While one person may feel unable to make a difference on their own, a collective effort to offset our carbon emissions will have a positive impact.  Throughout Science Week there will be a variety of ways for you to get involved and find out more about our amazing planet through events, interviews, social media and much more. You can get involved by finding an event to attend here or following #BelieveInScience online.
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Week commencing Monday 11th of November

Smartcard / Cashless catering

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Mon…Pasta bolognese topped with Parmesan shavings (1,7,12) Cheesy garlic ciabattas (1,7) Garlic, chilli roasted vegetables spaghetti (1,7)

Tue…Loin of bacon, mash veg and gravy or white sauce (1,3,6,7,12) Steamed chicken breast, mash veg and a rich roast gravy (1,6,7) Vegetarian mousaka (1,7,9,12)

Wed….Chicken and chorizo tomato stew (9,12) Creamy mushroom vol au vents (1,3,7,12) Spicy tomato rice (12)

Thur…Training day

Fri…Breast of chicken curry served with steamed rice (1,6,7,10) Check the board for Friday specials Egg fried rice served with sauce (1,3,6,7,10)

Breakfast Special: Cheese and onion omelette 3,7
Sandwich Special:
BLT on toasted ciabatta 1,3,10,12
Soup Special:
Homemade vegetable soup 9
Salad Special:
Mixed leaf pesto chicken salad 3,7,8
Breakfast Club: Tea, coffee, toast, cereal, eggs


St Oliver's Community College, Rathmullan Rd, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Phone 041-9838390 Fax 041- 9835100

Email: socc@lmetb.ie

Principal: John Halpin

Deputy principals: John Heeney, Una Kirk, Ian Gardiner

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Complaints procedure - To register a complaint please forward details, in writing, to the principal, St. Oliver's Community College, Drogheda, Co. Louth




News features

National attendance awareness month
The school is promoting this initiative by running a 20 day challenge. If a student attends everyday in November they will be awarded with a small prize.They will also be entered into a draw for other prizes.
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Christmas Shoebox Appeal
The class of 1 Eos are running the Christmas Shoebox Appeal this year and are looking for donations.
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School Calendar 2019-20
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