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Smartcard / Cashless catering

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Mon…Homemade beef lasagna (1,7,9,12) Chilli con carne served with steamed rice (1,9,12) Baked potatoes with selection of fillings (7,9,12) Vegetable fried rice (6)

Tue…Sweet potato wedges served with garlic cream (3) Vegetarian stirfry served with noodles (1,3,6,9,11) Beef stirfry served with egg noodles (1,3,6,9,11)

Wed….Chicken fajitas (1) Roasted vegetable cous cous (1) Potatas bravas (9)

Thur…Marinaded chicken fillet burger served with iceberg lettuce and taco sauce (1,3) Grilled garlic and Chilli ciabatta with mozzarella (1,7) Cajun pasta bake topped with Parmesan shavings (1,7)

Fri…Breast of chicken curry served with steamed rice (1,6,7,10) Check the board for Friday specials Vegetarian curry served with steamed rice (1,6,7,10)

Breakfast Special: Savory muffins 1,3,7
Sandwich Special:
Chilli chicken wrap 1,7
Soup Special:
Homemade vegetable soup 9
Salad Special:
Pasta salad 1,3,7,8 noodle salad 1,5,6,11 potato salad 3


St Oliver's Community College, Rathmullan Rd, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Phone 041-9838390 Fax 041- 9835100

Email: socc@lmetb.ie

Principal: John Halpin

Deputy principals: John Heeney, Una Kirk, Ian Gardiner

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Complaints procedure - To register a complaint please forward details, in writing, to the principal, St. Oliver's Community College, Drogheda, Co. Louth




News features

Friday August 23rd @ 11am - TY students (Induction)

Monday August 26th @ 745am - TY students (depart for Killary)

Monday August 26th @ 11am - 5th year students (Induction)*
*Induction for 5LCA will take place on Thursday August 29th

Monday August 26th @ 130pm - 5th year student mentors

Tuesday August 27th @ 9am - 1st year students (Induction 9am - 1230pm

Wednesday August 28th @ 9am - 1st year students (Classes 9am - 330pm)

Thursday August 29th @ 9am - All students (Classes 9am - 330pm)

Book Loan Scheme CollectionFor those students who have registered and paid the fees for the Book Loan Scheme, books can be collected at the following times:

1st year
Tuesday August 21st (9am - 330pm)

Wednesday August 22nd (9am - 330pm

5th years
Monday August 26th (Students will collect books after Induction at 11am)

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