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Athletics 2016-17


Kenza Cherouat, Subomi Oladimeji, Ciaran O’Dwyer, Sean Toner, David Chnobocinski, Kyle O’Flaherty, Ryan Campbell, Euan Hand Lennon, Fiona Ogunde. Students from St. Oliver's Community College enjoying the cross country event at St. Joseph's school on Wednesday 26th October.


Euan Hand Lennon, David Chnobocinski, Ryan Campbell, Sean Toner, Kyle O’Flaherty, Ciaran O’Dwyer. The u15 boys team from St. Oliver's who came 2nd in their race at St. Joseph's school cross country event.


Subomi Oladimeji, Kenza Cherouat and Fiona Ogunde who won the Over 15s team race, with Shubomi and Fiona finishing in 1st and 2nd respectively.



Michelle Sodiya, Nicole Sodiya , Sive Price, Kenza Cherouat, Kate Kelly. North Leinster Track and  Field

Both medalists on the day. Kenza Cherouat & Kate Kelly.