Development Education 2020-21


Next week, St. Oliver's CC is taking part in the ETBI'S Take 1 Goal programme whereby the aim is to teach as many classes as possible 1 lesson linked to 1 Sustainable Development Goal (see attachments) at some point over the week. As this is such a busy time of year, the idea is not to take time away from your courses but to incorporate the SDGs into them where possible. 

Below are some suggestions for some subjects from teachers who incorporate the SDGs into their TY modules:


Goal 2: How many meals for 1 week did each student throw food in the bin (at home or in school)? (Home Ec, Science, Geography, Ag Science, Wellbeing/tutor time (if time allows)

Goal 12: How many pieces of each student's lunch is wrapped in plastic? (whole class, 1 day) (Science, tutor time, Home Ec, Technology, Geography)

Goals 2, 12 and 13: Where did your lunch come from? Check country of origin label on all food. Estimate carbon footprint of lunch. (Science, Geography, tutor time, Home Ec, Business, Maths) 

Goal 8 and 15: Palm oil production and unfair work practices (Science, Business, Ag Science). For this one, I have a PowerPoint from a TY student who is happy for his work to be shared. 

Goals 12 and 13: Focusing on pollution and recycling with 1st and 3rd years to tie it into their own classrooms and about taking responsibility for their own environment. (Science, Geography, Business)