European Youth Parliament 2016-17

About EYP:
The National Committees and the International Office organise almost 500 events annually, all run by voluntary young people.
For the duration of the Session, the participants are divided into international working groups (committees) that draft resolutions on their respective topics. In these groups, the task of the young people is to come up with their own suggestions and ideas for Europe’s most pressing challenges. The results are then presented and debated in a parliamentary assembly at the end of the Session.
Through its sessions the EYP aims at promoting active European citizenship, intercultural dialogue and European values. Sessions increase the participants’ knowledge about Europe’s cultural diversity, prepare them for active participation in society, contribute to the development of their personal skills and provide a forum for debate and reflection on current topics of European politics.

From Friday 13th till Sunday 15th of January St.Olivers students took part in EYP and was an amazing experience each delegate took part in.
All 10 of us who went from our school all took part in different committees we choose.
Each day consisted of team work from people we may not have known before hand, and in this great experience I made new friends I felt like I knew for so long and who after this experience I am still in contact with.
During the Friday, Saturday and Sunday I took part in everything, I wrote attack speeches and gave points when beforehand I could barely talk in front of my class let alone all the people at EYP. 
Through this experience I felt myself become much more confident in myself being able to get up and talk in front of all the many schools who took part I also learnt so much about how many crisis are arising in the EU that I would never have known before.
It was an amazing experience in itself to see how others reacted to my committees work and how we got voted for, some committees sadly failed to pass while some did pass and luckily my committees work paid off as the votes were counted and we passed and that itself was an amazing thing to be noticed by all those many delegates that took part.
After the last speeches were given I knew it was over and I felt like I wanted to stay with all the new people I met along the way, in my opinion I honestly think it was the best experience I have had in TY and I feel whoever in the future has a chance to do the same as I did to really go for it.

Written by Lauren Earls