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Hope foundation charity trip 2013-14

While many students are planning social events for their mid-term break next february, St Oliver's Lucy Towers is gearing up for a charity trip to India with the Hope Foundation. Sixteen-year old Lucy Towers is a fifth year student who was inspired by a talk in her Ty year, and is now aiming to raise much needed funds for street children in Calcutta. 'I am planning to go over next February to help out in India, and am looking to raise €3,100', said Lucy, who is from Mornington. 'I have €1,500 so far, and I am organising a comedy gig in the laughter lounge in Dublin to hopefully raise the rest'.The event will be held on Thursday, October 31, and Lucy is hoping the great line-up will tempt people to travel from Drogheda.
There will be four comedians on the bill, including Damo Clark, who is a really well known Australian comedian, and for €25, there will be a full night's entertainment from 7pm until late' she explained. 'I already held a gig in the purple room in Drogheda, and thanks to everyone who attended that too'. Lucy will e travelling with another local student, rachel King, and workers from the Hope Foundation, where they will get hands-on experience of helping the sick and poor.
'We are both trained in First Aid, and there are lots of healthcare buildings we can visit and help out in,' she said. 'It is a big step, but agreat opportunity, and we are really looking forward to going, if we can raise the rest of our funding - €1,000 for the trip and€2.100 for the charity'.

To support Lucy's trip and buy a ticket for her Laughter Lounge gig on October 31, email