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Killary Adventure Trip

This year TYs went on a trip to a magical adventure center on the the far side of Ireland. The trip started off with a 4 and a half hour long bus journey which was very fun altogether apart from when you needed to use the toilet because you only had one chance to go. When we reached the adventure center in the middle of absolutely nowhere we were given our groups and bedrooms.

We were then sent into the bog which was wet and cold but a great laugh altogether as you saw your friends slip and get stuck in pits of muck. It was quite a physical challenge getting through the bog run but it was more fun than anything. The hot shower after the bog run was definitely the best shower I have ever had in my life. After dinner we were alllowed to hang around for about an hour. We then got called out for a game of dodge-ball in a dome shaped tent outside which was also a good laugh, after that it was back inside for a set of challenges. The first challenge was to bend over and pick up a piece of a weetabix box off the floor with your mouth and not letting your hands touch the floor and each time you picked it up the box got smaller. The second challenge was where you had to start on top of a table and crawl around it to get back on top without touching the floor, I of all people would know how hard this was. After the challenges we were allowed to hang around until we had to go to sleep.

The next morning we were woken up by a screaming instructor banging on all the doors, they probably woke up the whole of Galway it was so bloody loud. For breakfast we could have cereal, toast or fruit and after we had about 15 minutes to get ready for the next activity which was laser tag. In my opinion the laser tag was probably one of the worst activities there although it was pretty funny when someone fell into the bog. After finishing the laser tag we had to do a thing called the Killary challenge where we had to get the ten members of our team through what looked like a web without touching any of the ropes that made it, there was great thinking involved in this challenge. The next part of the killary challenge was where everyone had to put on a blindfold and pretend to be sheep while someone herded us into a pen without talking or touching the sheep. This was easy because there was holes in most of the blindfolds to see through. After that it was back up to the café for lunch. After that we were doing kayaking which was a new but fun experience even though it was extremely wet and cold and the kayak hurt my arse.

The next activity I experienced was the gorge walking which started off with us all jumping off a platform into the freezing cold water below, this was either fun or scary depending on who you were. After about three goes each we then went over to a set of rapids and small waterfalls which we had to walk up holding onto a rope I found this activity pretty boring because it was very easily done. I spent about half an hour in the shower after that to warm myself up. We then made our way back up to the center for dinner which yet again most people found disgusting but some found it delicious.

After dinner we just hung around the center again having a laugh until our phones were taken from us for the next activity which was cross dressing I myself did not take part in this but those who did made a pretty good job of it and gave us all something to laugh about for the rest of the afternoon. We had to clean up that night because the next day we were going to be leaving. The next morning we were woken up ate our breakfast and head out for the last activity which was sky climbing most people didn’t take part in this because they were scared of heights including myself but I gave it a go anyway and got half way before I got scared and wanted to come down. But that wasn’t it because I said to myself id give it a second go and got a great feeling when I reached the top of the obstacles, for that reason I very much enjoyed the sky climbing activity. After this, we got our lunch in the café, packed our bags and were on our way back home to Drogheda in the bus. I very much enjoyed the trip and would definitely rate it a 9 or 8 out of 10.