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Killary Adventure Trip

On the 29th of August, over 100 new transition year students rose in the early hours of the morning to board their bus to travel the country, to the not-so-wild west to Killary adventure centre. In the five hour bus journey, a stop in Athlone was a blessing to the students, and their very stiff legs. At least they had their friends and music to entertain them during the ride.
At lunch time, we finally arrived at our accomodation. Regards were sent to those that were seno the turf challenge on the first to day, but they were enthusiastic and ready to get muddy. Many of the students faced their fear of heoghts when swinging from the high ropes or the climbing walls while others faced their fear of water whilstr kayaking and gorge walking, while a few got to saty high and dry orienteeriung and fighting it out on the laser tag battle field.

In the evening the students played games organised by the staff. This involved dodgeball, flexibility chgallenges involving a broom and a test of strength involving teamwork. Biscuits were the rewards for the winners. At night students shared the rooms with their friends, which was mad crack.
On the 31st of August the students boarded the bus once more to head home to Drogheda. Theyt arrived late and were greeted by their families before heading home with new memories to cherish, and a positive start to the new school year.