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Killary Adventure Trip


My Killary Experience

During the junior cycle, I had heard many wonderful things about TY, the most reputable being the trips. That’s why I was especially excited to be going on my first one to the Killary Adventure centre in Galway.

The monotonous journey up was about five hours long. Before getting on the bus, everyone was gathered in the car park discussing their expectations for the next few following days, hence why we were all raring to go once we all piled on to the bus. Although this is when I began to feel quite anxious and apprehensive, worrying about getting out of my comfort zone (which is considerably small anyways…) I pushed the thought aside and told myself to embrace it, that’s what TY is all about.

 For the next few hours, the atmosphere on the bus was very vibrant, especially considering it was about eight in the morning! Everyone was chatting and laughing, singing along to somebody’s speaker. Everyone seemed to be ecstatic; without a worry in the world.  However, after a few hours the dazzle in our smiles had died once boredom and fatigue took over.

We stopped at the halfway point to refuel and the whole of Ty darted towards McDonald’s and it’s golden arches, eager to get to the front of the line. After everyone was once again feeling on top of the world, we receded back onto the bus with Galway and it’s breath-taking countryside landscapes, and of course a lot of sheep that many seemed to appreciate, waiting for us.

The activities were, without a doubt the best part of this action-packed trip. Although the tasks themselves were very memorable, I also vividly remember getting ready for them. More specifically, the feeling of trying to slither my leg into an already-damp wetsuit, and then proceeding to wriggle and squirm around the changing room trying to pull the rest of it up. It was the most dissatisfactory feeling, however peeling it off at the end of the activity was very satisfying to say the least.

The first activity that I took part in was the gorge walking. Although we had a helmet, a wet-suit and we were all very well equipped, we couldn’t help but feel on-edge and in danger, however this made it all the more thrilling. I personally found the harsh breeze whistling in my ears, the whoosh of the water flowing past us and the vigorous splashes streaming past, hissing beneath our feet quite daunting. We had to cling onto a rope during some stages of the walk where it would be too menacing otherwise, and at times I felt a stinging sensation in my hands from gripping the rope so tightly. What made this even more daunting was the slippery and therefor untrustworthy rocks that made this particular experience quite scary; yet riveting nonetheless. This exercise pushed us to our limits, and got the adrenaline pumping. All the results and feedback were very positive, and it was definitely one of my favourites.

Another activity that everyone immensely enjoyed, and it was unanimously deemed unparalleled; “The Turf Challenge”. If you’re not particularly keen on being absolutely and completely saturated with mud, I’d give this one a miss! However, we all thoroughly enjoyed swinging from ropes and momentarily connecting with our inner-Tarzan before plunging into a pool of mud, sliding through pipes into, yet again, another pool of mud and attempting several other challenges including… more pools of mud! By the end, our identities had been hidden behind the gooey, thick and opaque substance, also known as bog. Overall, treading through it was undoubtedly my favourite activity, amongst others including archery and rock-climbing.

 Like everything in life, there were positives and negatives. Moving onto the topic of negatives, the food was definitely not made by Gordon Ramsey himself… Although the food wasn’t exactly gourmet master-chef level quality, it was still edible. In all honesty, they had a few items that were quite enjoyable, however there were some dinners that were rather… bland. There did happen to be a vending machine that everyone was particularly grateful for. Unfortunately, to everyone’s horror, this was broken halfway through the trip. At the end of the day, we didn’t go on the trip because of the food (I’d imagine if anyone did, they’d be highly disappointed), but by the end we all couldn’t wait to get home and appreciate a good Dominoes.

Since I’ve returned, I’ve heard a lot of teachers referring to the trip as “The Bonding Trip” which, in all honesty, makes me cringe quite a little bit. Although, admittedly, it was exactly that, and it’s what made the trip so special. I started the trip only talking to a select few, but over the course of the three days I came out of my shell more and more by the minute and by the end I had expanded my social circle towards people I had never thought about associating myself with. While the activities were incredible, what was even better was forging new relationships and bonds with people during them.

So, in conclusion, to anyone who is considering embracing the delight that is Killary in the near future, I would undoubtedly recommend it. However, I would also undoubtedly recommend bringing 3 spare pairs of shoes, a lot of old clothes and appreciate decent 3G while you can. It’s a great start to the year; to experience new and exciting things and to challenge yourself, and that’s exactly what TY is all about. Make it your own and enjoy the special trip. Take it upon yourself to take your own little piece of Killary home with you (in my case, it was finding pieces of mud in my ear for the next few days) or even leave a little piece of you behind up in killary (in my case, it’s a few acrylic nails that fell off in which you may find if you ever visit!)

By Abbigail Azirou