Maths Week 2018

St. Oliver's CC are celebrating Maths Week (
There will be a number of activities and events running throughout the week:
*Every morning: During 1st period, time will be set aside for Maths puzzles.
*Every break and Junior lunch: Random Acts of Maths in assembly with prizes to be won.
*Every Junior Lunch: Quizzes for 1st-3rd Years with prizes to be won. Monday's quiz is in S09.
*TYs are coordinating an activity for every 1st Year class.


Monday's puzzle - How many siblings?
Mary has twice as many brothers as sisters, while her brother John has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many children are there in their family?

Trapezoidal Rule


Tuesday's puzzle - How old?
Sarah is three times as old as Peter. Max is twice as old as Peter. Lucy is two years older than Max. Altogether their ages sum to 26 years. How old is Lucy?

Wednesday's puzzle - How long?
A hare and tortoise run a 10 km race. · The hare runs at 10 times the speed of the tortoise. · The tortoise takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the race. · The hare goes takes a nap during the race and arrives at the finish 30 seconds after the tortoise. · For how long does the hare sleep?

Thursday's puzzle -
Pigs & Ducks
Sally the old sheep dog counts the animals in the farmyard. She sees 11 of them, pigs & ducks. She then counts the legs – she sees 28. How many ducks are there?

Friday - The Coloured Socks
Ten red socks and ten blue socks are all mixed up in a dresser drawer. The 20 socks are exactly alike except for their colour. The room is in pitch darkness and you want two matching socks. What is the smallest number of socks you must take out of the drawer in order to be certain that you have a pair that match?


Congratulations to TY students for organising maths events all week during break time and lunch time during National Maths week. Lots of students from different year groups got involved in the maths competitions including bingo, suduku and card games and won some great prizes. Well done to all!