Recycling Awareness

March 4th - 8th is St Oliver's first annual Recycling Awareness Week.  The TY Stars have been busy preparing materials for this, including posters for classrooms and around the school, information slides which will be running on a  loop during the week on the screens around the assembly area and a powerpoint resources which we are asking tutors to use in the mornings with their classes during the week (see attached).  There are 4 sections to the PowerPoint - a quiz, 2 videos and some fun facts.  Each section should take around 5 minutes if done separately or approximately 20 minutes if all done together.   The choice is there for the tutor to do as much or as little as you can over the week.  

For all the teachers who are not tutors - not wanting to leave you out(!!) - the TY stars have come up with the following ideas that might be useful for you, if you would like to get into the spirit of things during the week! 


Religion teachers - some links to articles that examine recycling from the differing perspectives of 3 different religious groups

English teachers - students could create their own word search or crossword using recycling terms or use use some of these newspapers articles as reading comprehensions (also attached as Word documents)

Maths teachers - students could do some calculations based on the numbers involved in recycling.  See Article 1 attached above (contains lots of info regarding percentages and fractions).  See also Recycling in numbers which is attached - students could create charts or graphs to represent these figures.

History teachers - students could create a timeline, from the industrial revolution to now, charting the damage caused by humans to the planet - see

Tech Graphics teachers - This is a cool machine design using techniques in Graphics which exchanges plastic bottles for money As many people struggle to tell the difference between the recycling bins and general waste bins, students could design both bins in a way that it is easy to differentiate between the two.

Music teachers - students could take part in some of the following activities

  1. Be as creative as you can and design and or create a musical instrument out of recycled materials i.e bottle caps, tissue roll holders, plastic bottles, etc
  2. Come up with a song indicating how bad it is when people do not recycle and the effects it has on earth and will have on our future generation.  
  3. Create a rap about recycling using the following words listed below:  Contamination, Recycle, Waste, Packaging, Garbage, Environment , Improve, Green

    (questions for activity in class as proposed by TY stars!):

    Cad is brí le athchúrsáil?
    Cad é an fadhb atá luaite sa fhíseán seo?
    Luaigh dhá rud atá ar an phóstéir faoi athchúrsáil?
    Cén fáth a bhfuil sé tábhachtach chun athchúrsáil a dhéanamh?

Language teachers -  students could write an information leaflet about what can and can't be recycled in the target language