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St Vincent de Paul - Toy appeal

Over Christmas, TY Stars took part in the Saint Vincent de Paul toy appeal, helping to give Christmas presents to those who can't afford to buy them themselves, and also to give to the children in the Lourdes Hospital at Christmas. The group also helped to raise money for Saint Vincent de Paul, and set up the Santa hat day. The TYs spent the two weeks leading up to the santa hat day collecting old and unused toys from their own houses, and getting other classes to bring in old toys. Ms Hoey also managed to get two brand new bikes to give. The penultimate day of the collecting was Decemeber 16th. the Santa hat day. Before the day, the class had raised 300 euro, and had gotten 5 large boxes full of toys to give away. By the end of the santa hat day, the school had also raised 1700 euro to give to Saint Vincent de Paul.