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Sci-fest 2011-12

16, 1st year students represented St Oliver's in this years SCIFEST competition in DKIT. This is similar to the young scientist competition, except that it is held in regional centres around the country instead of one venue in Dublin. These students were selected from nearly 100 entrants, who made submissions for the school level competition.

The students and their projects are as follows.

Group 1 :Shannen Carroll, Ciara Rothwell and Vincent O'Hare Title : How to prevent crying while cutting onions

Group 2 : Evan Harris, Thomas Flaherty and Niall O'Connor Title : How hard are egg shells?

Group 3 : Dokun Dosunmu and Shane McCann Title : Does commercial plant food affect the growth of plants?

Group 4 : Nicole O'Flaherty, Niamh Wilke and Blaithin Curtis Title : Does your sense of smell affect your sense of taste?

Group 5 : Kelly Andrews, Emma Robinson and Lauren Bateson Title : Do you know where the germs go?

Group 6 : Stephen Reid and Sarah McKenna Title : Why does our skin darken but our hair lighten when in the sun?