Stay awake 2017-18

Of course, the TY Stay Awake had to take place on the coldest day of the year. There was frost, sleet,  and snow but that did not dampen the spirits as we queued outside the gym doors. Finally, we were all allowed into the hall. There was a table to sign in and submit our sponsor cards. People were so generous with the sponsor cards flying in fast. We raised more than we ever could have imagined.
Once we all signed in, we sprinted across the gym, faster than we ever had in Physical Education to get our place on the gym floor, or for some lucky people, myself included, on the comfy, red, gym benches. We all pulled out our blankets and pillows which were squashed into small bags as nobody wanted to come in looking as if they had packed for a week away. Once everyone had settled in we split the gym and began the activities. The first activity was football, which was not an interest or love of a lot of peoples but thankfully there was something for everyone with a photobooth with students posing for photos in front of themed backgrounds, tinsel and mini frames. We followed a timetable that included; dodge ball, basketball, a quiz and soccer. A lot of determination went into the games with classes going head to head with the type of determination you had to be there to feel. Otherwise, it just looked like a crowd of people running around and occasional balls flying through the air.
Finally, our pizzas arrived and we got into our mini groups and evened out our pizza slices. We rested and enjoyed our pizzas for a while.

As the clocks moved forward to did the activities and we quickly moved onto pass the parcel. We all spread out into a large circle surrounding half of the gym and began blasting Christmas songs and passing wrapped presents around the circle. Eventually, the presents started running out and a box of cereal made its way around the circle more than once. Once all the presents ran out and the cereal box was empty we proceeded onto another activity, Karaoke. Little did we realize this would be the activity that would make the night. Everyone was up on their feet at least once and almost everyone crowded around the two mics screaming the lyrics of each song, for half the night.  Basketball went on on the other side of the hall for the ones who refused to sing or dance but even they came out of there comfort zone towards the end of the night.
As the night sadly came to an end they gave out several awards such as the best onesies and most money raised.  Eventually we all gathered our stuff and headed home after not sleeping for a total of 12 hours.
Overall from the 8th- 14th of December we altogether, with the help of our families, friends and a raffle, raised over €2,500 for the LauraLynn children’s hospice.

By Megan Byrne