100 Mile Challenge 2017-18

Each year, transition years take part in "the 100-mile challenge". It's pretty self-explanatory; each class runs 100 miles.
To elaborate, each TY student is released onto the field, ready to embark on the exciting journey that is running copious amounts of laps around our football pitches, desperate to be the first class to reach that 100-mile milestone which seems to have added a competitive element to the event.
Usually, the teachers allocate one theme in which everyone is obliged to dress up in. However, since myself and my two friends were given the reins with regards to organizing the fun run this year, we thought we would make it more interesting by assigning a different theme to each class. We hoped this would give each class a chance to bond over coming up with a costume, and if not anything else, add another touch of competitiveness. The themes were: Netflix, Disney, Superheroes and The 90's. We quickly learned that you can't please everyone with these things. We learned that very quickly. However, we tried our best.
We went to great lengths to arrange the whole day so that it would be as special and memorable as possible. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it and we got some great feedback from our fellow peers.
One of my most striking memories of that day was before the run, each class uniting for their photos, everyone's inner driven ambition and rivalry shining through, ready to commence for battle.
Overall it was a great experience, however there was definitely some challenges that were faced along the way. The first one was organizing prizes for different achievements, secondly motivating people to bring in their sponsorship cards and encouraging people to show enthusiasm. Since we wanted to introduce the charity factor, we knew this would be a challenge, so we tried our best to be as patient as possible. Furthermore, our chosen charity (Down Syndrome Ireland) were incredibly grateful when they heard about our plans to fundraise for them, and they even sent us posters and balloons to contribute towards decorations.
Another challenge was our struggle with the weather. The traditional rainy and miserable weather that Ireland is typically associated with really proved as an obstacle. Despite our endeavors to work around it, we were left with no choice but to postpone the run on numerous occasions. And lastly, decorating the gym and making sure everything ran smoothly. At times, it was very stressful but, in the end, everything came together thanks to a select few teachers, some classmates who assisted us with the decor and everyone else who supported us. Because of everyone, from the people who participated to the people that helped us every step of the way, the result was an amazing opportunity to give back to our community and get involved with some fundraising for charity and a memorable day in which we got to spend with our wonderful friends that transition year has rewarded us with!


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