TY Fair day 2017-18

On Friday 15th December the TY mini company class had a fair day in the F area of our school. The fair day involved students building/producing a product or service to sell to the 1st and 2nd year students. The students set up stalls to sell their products from they also had Christmas music playing while the students and teachers done there shopping. They had been working on these since September and finally got to show off their work. They had everything from Christmas decorations to edible sleighs. The junior students came over and purchased more than a few goods. One group had a service where they sold lunch from Centra and Avanti to the junior students and another group had the students and teacher compete in a dart board competition to win some prizes. The students had a great day showcasing their hard work. The TY students’ parents were also invited in to have a look at their hard work and some even bought some goods. All of their profits will be donated to SOSAD. The students generated over €500 for charity. Thanks to all who came and supported the students in raising money for charity.

By Jason Donnelly