Team Hope - Christmas Shoebox appeal 2018-19


Congratulations to Ms. Markey's TY Valley class who organised the collection of 135 boxes for Team Hope's Christmas Shoebox Appeal last week.



We give your Christmas Shoebox gifts right into the hands of some of the world’s most vulnerable children – many of whom will receive no other gift this Christmas. For some it’s the first gift they’ve ever received.

It’s hope, it’s God’s love, it’s joy and excitement – It’s the whole of Christmas wrapped up in a Shoebox !

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with children who have so little – It means so much to them.

(As an optional extra and with local leaders’ agreement, we can also give a Christmas Card – explaining where their box came from, about Ireland and the significance of the Christmas message.)

How to take part in 2018

Fill a shoebox with a range of simple Christmas gifts (we have compiled a list with lots of ideas for gifts), drop it off at your local drop off point before our centres close mid/late November and we will do the rest.

Our team of fantastic volunteers all across Ireland work hard to check that every Christmas Shoebox gift meets with customs and safety requirements, they seal them and send them on their way by truck or shipping container. Then our international partners will deliver your Shoebox Gift right into a child’s hands – in hospitals, schools, shelters, churches, orphanages, community centres, mountain villages and family homes.

To see what happens next, click here to watch our video

My experience of completing the Shoebox Appeal by Zoe Synnott

On the 15th of October, myself anmd the class of TY Valley decided to support Team Hope's cause. We found out about Team Hope thanks to our teacher, Ms. Markey. After watching a few videos and analysing Team Hope's website, we got to see what these shoeboxes really meant to the less fortunate children. I believe that my class and I did this project because of how happy it made so many children, and because of how interesting and easy the process was.
Team Hope is a charity dedicated to bringing smiles to the children all over the world and don't get anything for Christmas at all. Their website explains how you can get involved with just a shoebox and a leaflet. With the whole school behind us, we said we'd give it a try and ended up gathering 135 shoeboxes in a limited amount of time. We completed this task by setting up groups for each area; finance, marketing, logistics etc. i was on the logistics team and I had to email Team Hope with regards with some queries. Marketing was in charge of getting the message out and advertising and finance sorted out the money required. Throughout the project we encountered different obstacles such as not having enough shoeboxes, and having to wrap those that weren't. None of us took into account how awkward wrapping shoeboxes was.
Shoeboxes wrapped, spare toys dropped in and donations made, the project finally came together in the end. We had a room packed to the brim with shoeboxes ready to go. On Friday, november 16th we collected the last of the shoeboxes and counted/prepared them. The car came to collect car came to pick up the two boxes and had to do two runs because they wouldn't all fit. I felt very accomplished and proud of my class. We've made some children's Christmas this year. Thanks to Team Hope's huge help and our teacher Ms. Markey for supporting us with the project.