Principal’s Welcome

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St. Oliver’s Community College is a multi-denominational, co-educational school for boys and girls from local towns and villages in and around Drogheda. Our College has the ideal platform for students to thrive socially as well as academically with a 50:50 mix of girls and boys.

In 1670, the first integrated school in Ireland was set up by Oliver Plunkett in Drogheda. Since 1980, St. Oliver’s Community College aims to foster and cherish the diversity of our local community with students from urban Drogheda and rural towns and villages of south Louth and east Meath integrating with families from across the world. St. Oliver’s Community College seeks excellence in education through core values of care, respect, equality and community. We very proud of our tradition of inspiring sporting and cultural success as well as academic excellence culminating in students scoring first in Ireland for Leaving Certificate 2017 and among the top results in 2020 and 2021.

Under the patronage of Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB), our College has grown in to one of the most successful schools in the country. This is largely due to the expertise, talent and commitment of our team of teachers and support staff who create a vibrant, student-centred environment in which each individual student is supported to reach their potential.

While we are immensely proud of our past successes, the focus is always on each individual student who make up our school community. Our students are the best ambassadors for our College with their dedication, co-operation and willingness to explore and create – the future is in safe hands.

John Halpin