Additional Educational Needs

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Additional Educational Needs Support

We believe that all students are capable of success. We pride ourselves on meeting student needs and offering supports to ensure inclusion of all students in our care. 


S.E.T – Special Education Teacher Allocation Model:

Following the S.E.T allocation model & working within our resources we may be able to support students with identified needs in the following ways; 

  • We offer team teaching to ensure an inclusive classroom environment. 
  • We have smaller class groupings of students in certain subject areas. 
  • Literacy rotation programmes
  • Withdrawal classes
  • Laptop access and support
  • Friends for Life Programme
  • The expertise of fully qualified Special Education teachers. 
  • Access to a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) within the classroom and throughout the school day where applicable. 
  • After school clubs. ·
  • Supervised lunch clubs. 
  • Designated Locker support.

R.A.C.E – Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Examinations

If specified in the student’s psychological assessment, we can assist students in the Junior and Leaving Certificate state examinations. 

Reasonable accommodations may be offered in the form of the following; 

  • A scribe to write answers for the student.
  • A recording device to record student answers.
  • A reader to read aloud the exam paper.
  • A private centre to sit examinations in. 
  • A spelling and grammar waiver. 

As is appropriate and in order to facilitate the allocation of additional resources, we can make an application to the department of education for the following; 

  • Assistive technology 
  • SNA Access 

Applications are made in line with circular 0030/2014