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What is the HSCL Scheme?

The Home School Community Liaison Scheme (HSCL) seeks to promote partnership between parents, teachers and community family support services.

The HSCL Officer for St. Oliver’s Community College is Mr. Barry Gates (ext. 6407)


Supports offered by HSCL:

  • Home visits
  • Assist with the transfer of students from primary to secondary school
  • Liaise between parents, Principal and teachers
  • Support parents to ensure your child’s regular attendance at school
  • Support with your child’s behavioural and emotional issues
  • Support with referrals to local support agencies (e.g. EWO, ISPCC)
  • Support with referrals to NEPs, Speech and Language, Occupational therapy, HSE
  • Support parents’ attendance at appointments
  • Link families with local agencies
  • Advocate for parents at meetings
  • Run courses to promote parents’ personal development
  • Run courses to promote parents’ positive participation in your child’s education
  • Run Parent subject-based courses
  • Hold information meeting for parents
  • Distribute information leaflets to parents
  • Provide a Parents’ Space for meetings, classes and activities
  • Inform parents of HSCL news

How parents are involved in our schools:

  • Attend Information meetings of incoming 1st year students
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Information meeting of third year parents to discuss progression options
  • (Transition Year, Traditional 5th Year, Leaving Certificate Applied)
  • Participating in Parent courses/activities
  • Maths for Fun & Literacy for Fun courses
  • Accompany children on visits to colleges
  • Attend award ceremonies & celebrations
  • Parents’ Association Fundraising
  • Support School Initiatives
  • Parent representatives on the school’s Board of Management
  • School Policy formation

Upcoming HSCL Events

Information to follow.